soft toothbrush Du-BOIS

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The soft toothbrush was developed in close collaboration with Osaka Dental University and personally with Professor Masaki Kambara.

The bristles are made of soft material so as not to injure the gums, shortened to 8 and 5 mm and cut in the shape of an arc for the best possible removal of plaque and food debris from the gingival pockets. The rounded shape of the brush head does not injure the gums and makes it possible to clean the farthest teeth well. Long bristles clean gum pockets and interdental space well, while short bristles clean the surface of the teeth. The brush of increased softness can not only brush your teeth but also massage the gums to improve blood circulation in the tissues. The arc in the shape of which the brush is trimmed allows you to simultaneously clean more teeth in a shorter period of time, which is so important when in a hurry to work.

The soft bristles are mirrored to the center of the brush in 4 rows for less wear and tear.

The brush body is made of PET plastic.

Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) bristles
Brush hardness: soft

Maximum allowable temperature: 60 degrees Celsius.