sencha green tea 50 g

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First-class sencha green tea from a manufacturer with a 144-year history, located in the tea prefecture of Shizuoka, processed with "umami" technology - drying at a low air temperature.

Such a drying process is as important as a high-quality roast for coffee. By changing the drying time and temperature, you can get a product of different tastes and aromas.

Such drying is carried out only for high-quality sencha and for tea from the very first collection (May tea). Only from these high-quality leaves you can get tea with a rich pleasant aroma and a barely perceptible sweetish aftertaste, which the Japanese call umami. Until this drying, umami will not appear in tea. At a time when there was no equipment, this process took a very long time and required incredible efforts to control the fire that was made under the tea trays. One wrong move and instead of dried tea, roasted tea is obtained. In those days, good umami tea was available only to the emperor and aristocrats.

Weight: 50 g

Storage method:

You can store it for two years in an unopened sealed package.

After opening the package, store it in a cool dry place in a tightly sealed container, as the tea absorbs odors from other products.

Consume shortly after opening the package.

Best before 09.30.2023

Brewing method:

  1. Boil water.
  2. For 1 teaspoon of tea pour 100 ml of water cooled to 70 °C.
  3. Cover with a cap and wait for 1 minute.

Use filtered soft water for the true flavor of your tea.

It is very important not to "overexpose" the tea: sencha is brewed quickly and quickly acquires a strong astringency, which borders on bitterness. That is why it is recommended to start brewing from 15 seconds, gradually increasing the time interval. Sencha can also taste bitter if you brew this tea with too hot water (above 80 °C).

Depending on the quality of the water and its temperature, the taste of the tea can be different each time. With relatively warm water it becomes soft, with hot water it becomes more astringent. A variant of "brewing" sencha with water at room temperature is possible. In this case, the infusion time should be from 30 minutes.

Classic sencha is drunk without added sugar, milk, or lemon. Any additives will spoil its taste.

It is best to store tea in an airtight container, away from sources of heat and light.