multi-factor peptide serum PLANO 30 ml

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The serum contains a dual complex of stem cell extracts from human adipocytes and nerve tissue cells and 15 peptide growth factors to strengthen the barrier function of the skin and activate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

The serum is produced using ADSC-CM technology. Adipocytes are removed from adipose and nerve tissue and placed in a nutrient solution. After multiple cell divisions in the nutrient solution, the protein is split into amino acids and peptide compounds. These peptides are called human adipocyte stem cell extract:

  • Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is one of the most studied proteins to date. It belongs to a group of cytokines, stimulates the renewal of the epidermis, accelerates the cell cycle.
  • Transforming Growth Factor (TGF) enhances the synthesis of new collagen;
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) is a multifunctional protein that stimulates the production of extracellular matrix (collagen and hyaluronic acid).
  • Insulin-like growth factor (IGF2) - strengthens intercellular connections, promotes the "tightening" effect
  • Copper tripeptides remove dead and damaged cells of the dermis, thereby helping to eliminate stretch marks and hyperpigmentation, promoting healthy skin tone and elasticity.
  • Oligopeptide-24 (EDP3) - similar in action to epidermal growth factor (EGF), increases the amount of EGF in keratinocytes, which in turn leads to an increase in their synthetic activity. The content of hyaluronic acid and fibronectin in the epidermis increases. Stimulates regeneration, repairs damaged skin, reduces the number of wrinkles.
  • Acetyl Decapeptide-3 (Rejullin) is a valuable anti-aging peptide with firming properties. Reduces and prevents the formation of expression and age wrinkles due to the active formation of new cells. Promotes greater skin elasticity by introducing the synthesis of elastins and collagen.
  • Oligopeptide-20 and Oligopeptide 20-1 regulate vascular tone and give the skin a healthy color.
  • Peptide Thioredoxin (TRX) - takes part in many biological processes and is the main element in the system of cellular antioxidant defense, protects the fibroblast genome from genetic mutations and external influences, reduces the number of free radicals.
  • Oligopeptide-41 (Keramin-1) stimulates cell proliferation and the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Hexapeptide-33 (W3 peptid) is a botulinum-like peptide that relaxes fine wrinkles, promotes smooth and healthy skin tone.
  • Oligopeptide-68 (Beta-White2) - skin lightening peptide. Acts by suppressing the MITF gene, which plays an important role in the production of melanin by skin cells by melanocytes.
  • Oligopeptide-34 (TGP2), having an antioxidant effect, prevents skin photoaging.
  • Caproyl tetrapeptide 3 - A stimulant peptide (ChroNoLine) instructs the extracellular matrix to produce three substances that provide skin rejuvenation - fibronectin, collagen, laminin.

The serum also contains Telosense Active, a component capable of protecting DNA telomeres from shortening during cell division. Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes that prevent different chromosomes from joining each other during cell division. During each division, telomeres shorten, eventually becoming so short that the cell dies. However, there is a defense mechanism that prevents the rapid shortening of DNA telomeres by a reverse "building up" their length. For the discovery of this mechanism, a group of American scientists received the Nobel Prize in 2009.

The serum also contains 8 moisturizing ingredients that have undergone strict control:

  • Apple plant stem cell extract
  • Water-soluble proteoglycan from the Japanese company Ichimaru Pharcos from salmon nasal cartilage, which stimulates the accumulation of hyaluronic acid in the intercellular matrix of the skin.
  • Ameliox Complex is a patented ingredient based on silymarin and carnosine. Silymarin is an extract of milk thistle with high antioxidant properties. Carnosine is a natural dipeptide that stimulates the synthesis of type 1 collagen and laminin-5 (a glycoprotein that provides adhesion between the epidermis and dermis), which helps maintain skin tone and elasticity.
  • Vitamin E derivative for antioxidant effect.
  • SY plantex is an antimicrobial component from the Japanese company Sakamoto Yakuhin, which allows you to avoid the use of parabens and formaldehyde in cosmetics.
  • Bisglyceryl Ascorbate (Amitose DGA Complex) is a stabilized non-ionic form of vitamin C with increased moisturizing properties.
  • Glycosyl trehalose (Tornare complex) from the Japanese company Hayashibara to soften and smooth the skin.

Serum active ingredients are reduced to nano-size for better penetration into the extracellular matrix of the dermis.

Free from parabens, ethanol, silicones, colors, artificial flavors and preservatives.

Instruction for use:

After washing and using the lotion, apply 2-3 drops of the serum to the face and spread with light massage movements, paying particular attention to the areas that require more moisture.


Water, pentylene glycol, methyl glucet-10, human oligopeptide-1, oligopeptide-13, oligopeptide-7, oligopeptide-4, polypeptide-31, oligopeptide-24, oligopeptide-20, oligopeptide-34, oligopeptide-41, oligopeptide-41 hexapeptide-33, copper-1 tripeptide, decapeptide-4, caproyl tetrapeptide-3, acetyl decapeptide-3, acetyl hexapeptide-8, caprioyl dipeptide-17, human adipocyte nutrient solution extract, apple stem cell extract, water-soluble aryl scoropropyl acid , bisglyceryl ascorbate, glycosyl trehalose, arbutin, hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed yeast protein, soybean oil, sodium oleate, carnosine, golden root extract, wormwood extract, clove tree extract, silkworm cocoon extract, mottled milk thistle extract acetate, tocopherol, butylene glycol, hydrolyzed starch, glycerin, 1,2-hexanediol, xanthan syrup, glycine, adenosine, glyceryl caprylate, tri (capryl/caprine) glyceryl, capri lil glycol, dextrin, sodium benzoate, tetraolein sorbate-60, polysorbet 80, polyglyceryl lauric acid-10, lecithin, hydrogenated lecithin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, carbomer, sodium hydroxide.