Crystal Crystal Cleansing Foam 200 ml

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Crystal Crystal Cleansing Foam is based on cosmetic ionized water with a reduced oxygen content for very delicate skin cleansing.

Under the influence of such water, impurities literally "float" off the surface of the skin and are very easy to remove.

The foam inside the bottle has a very high pH value of 12 for an antibacterial effect, which eliminates the need for additional preservatives that can often cause inflammation and irritation of the skin.

Touching the skin, the foam is instantly saturated with oxygen and changes its high alkaline pH to a slightly acidic pH of 5.5, which is recommended by all dermatologists for gentle care of all skin types.

The base of foam cleanser is cosmetic water with low surface tension is free of harsh mineral impurities that can disrupt the hydrolipid mantle of the epidermis and even cause acne.

The active agent of foam cleanser  - potassium cocoyl glycinate - is a mild natural surfactant, synthesized from coconut oil and amino acid glycine. The foam does not leave a feeling of tightness and does not damage the skin protective barrier.

The amino acid arginine contributes to an increase in skin elasticity, accelerates the regeneration process, and noticeably improves complexion.

Rose water - rose hydrolat - an aqueous solution of rose essential oil components is a natural antiseptic, prevents skin irritation and dryness.

Instruction for use:

Press the dispenser 2-3 times, apply the foam on the face, gently massage the face. Wash off with warm water. Apply lotion.

Volume: 200 ml


Cosmetic ionized water, glycerin, potassium cocoyl glycinate, rose hydrolate, arginine.