flaxseed comb Botanical DU-BOA

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A compact comb with a built-in flaxseed seed oi shaft covers each hair in the finest veil and provides elasticity and volume to the curls. You can close the shaft and not be afraid that it will come into contact with anything in your bag. This application of oil does not leave a greasу mark on the hair and the hairstyle does not lose volume.

The shaft is filled with flaxseed oil, but it gives off very evenly and economically over several months.
As the oil is used up, the shaft becomes more and more white.

The body of the comb is made of AS/ABS plastic

The bristles of the comb are made of polyester.
The shaft of the comb is made of polyethylene, the capacity of the shaft is 4 ml.

The composition of the shaft content: 

flaxseed oil, ethylhexyl palmitate.