Кицуне бокс 2021

Cosmetic products of our box are suitable for women of any ages and completely different skin types.

Recently, dermatologists share the opinion that skincare routine should not verify by skin type.

For example,  recommendation of using alcohol lotion for oily skin has already proved wrong. Our skin is producing sebum constantly. If you remove that natural fat layer brutally with alcohol, the skin will start overproducing sebum as a defence mechanism, trying to keep itself moisturised. 

The opposite example: dry skin covered with oily creams again and again eventually gets injured and dehydrated. Oil destroys the hydro-lipid mantle that protects skin from dehydration and water evaporates from injured skin even faster.

Gentle cleansing and high-quality hydration is what you need for beautiful, healthy skin of any age and skintype.

The basic skincare tools of our box are equally suitable for dry sensitive and oily skin.

Cleansing and moisturizing the skin is not a luxury, but daily hygiene necessary for beauty and health. Well hydrated skin with a healthy, intact lipid barrier looks smooth, performs well as a protective function and effectively resists negative environmental influences.