А что внутри кицуне бокса?

Our box contains highly reviewed products of the Japanese cosmetic industry, suitable for women of all ages and skin types.

We personally picked, tested and used all skincare products of our box. They represent step-by-step Japanese basic skincare routine.

In addition to skincare, the box includes:

- A comb that removes static electricity. It has a built-in rod with flaxseed oil, coating each hair in a thinnest layer and giving the curls elasticity and silkiness.

- The toothbrush, which is a product of a collaboration with the Dental University of Osaka.

- High quality "sencha" green tea from a 144-year-old company from Shizuoka, which is known as a tea prefecture. Tea is dried for a long time at a low temperature, reaching a rich pleasant aroma and a sweet aftertaste called umami.

- Eye drops to relieve eye fatigue and irritation. Refreshes and erases the red-eye effect.

- Hypoallergenic silicone mask with attachments behind the ears. It lets you to hold the wet sheet mask and create an occlusive layer that prevents skin from drying.

- Foam whipping net.

А что внутри?